Special Events



Halloween party 2019

9/18:                       K.Davidson of Power of Putnam: “Medication Safety” 12:15

9/20:                     Vickie Bilbrey of Oak Point: “Stress Management for You” 12:15

9/27:                        Lori Henry of AARF:  “Fostering Dogs” 12:15

10/4:                      Vickie Wilson of NHC: “Atrial Fibrillation, Facts & Treatments”

10/18:                   Vickie Bilbrey of Oak Point: Knowing the warning signs of Mental Health Issues 12:15

10/21:                   S.H.I.P. Medicare counselling 9:00-3:00

10/31:                   Wear a Halloween Costume Today!!!

 ***We are in need of BINGO Sponsors!!! If you are interested in sponsoring bingo at our center, please contact Julie ASAP!